If I felt…

Saint Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to be grateful for all the love surrounding us.
Keep in mind the importance of having a healthy self-esteem!
Find the blessing behind everything that happens or doesn’t happen in your life.


A letter full of memories

This poem summarizes love stories from my time in college. A silent love for an old friend, a passionate love for French, poetry and journalism.

It’s the glittery snow!

Look at the window, any window, and you will realize that the view is never the same.
Different light, deer, families, stars and, this time, glittery snow!

The ocean calls me

I was watching a movie called “Take me home” (2011). The ashes of Claire‘s father are thrown into the sea and that triggered my indignation regarding the Vatican’s prohibition of scattering ashes or keeping them at home. However, I am grateful because it also inspired this poem about why I love the sea so much.


My roots are solid, thick, heavy and eager to try different grounds. My roots are ready to pack up every value, happy family memories, proven that the world is just a massive garden to grow back with every challenge, to blossom forth while battling against our inner fears. Does the purity of our roots lie…

Professional Statistics

This is just a summary of some of my achievements in content generation and curation since 1998.

Natural looks

Love and honour yourself with any changes that life presents you with